About Us

What is the work4all ?

Work4all is part of the BEEDEX group of Companies, We are in essence a tender notification service that focus on bringing business leads to SMME and other organisations regardless of size. Our focus is to bring business leads directly to you. New opportunities are listed daily from all levels of government and private sector companies throughout South Africa. 

Work4all provides weekly tenders, request for quotations and contract work uploaded securely online by various organisations directly to our Customers.

Buying requests from Municipalities, Government, Private Business and Corporates is uploaded weekly and includes:

Location, fees, and contact details

Details of tenders/work/quotations

Tender ref number/expiry dates.

BEE Level/other qualifying criteria.

You will be able to contact the company directly and either tender or give a quote/tender based on the work specification.

Work4all provide both suppliers and service providers with the opportunity to view an extensive collection of request for tenders/quotations and short term work from many different industries including the public and private sectors. For a nominal subscription, a registered user acquires access to all of our tenders including the latest current business tenders. 

Using our powerful search tool, you can refine your search to display all the relevant tenders pertaining to your industry. Once you find a tender that you are interested in, you can click on the tender to view the basic details of this potential business opportunity.